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>> Episode 8 - ALTERNATIVE ENDING by Mike Petinarelis <<

The 2ndSite brand has been MURDERED!

The Suspects


Michael McDerment Michael McDerment
President, CEO (Co-Founder)
Michael has been partying involved with internet technologies since 1999. An entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant with two successful start-ups to his name, Michael is dedicated to helping his clients get more from the internet. Like many entrepreneurs, Michael talks faster than he writes and can deftly juggle and keep his eye on hundreds of balls at one time. He also teaches people how to make web sites at Humber College and the Learning Annex. He talks about these things on his blog. Michael loves his work, and would rather be outdoors than inside.

Joe Sawada Joe Sawada
CTO, Chief Architect (Co-Founder)
Joe is a tenure-track professor at the University of Guelph in the Department of Computer and Information Science. In 2000 Joe received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, specializing in the development of efficient algorithms. (Just in case you think hes a nerd, Joe is one of those guys youd never think was this smart because hes so cool. Plus he cooks the hands-down best lasagna the team has ever tasted.) Following his degree he spent two years on a prestigious NSERC post-doc visiting Charles University (Czech Republic), the University of Sydney (Australia), and the University of Toronto (Canada). Joe plays for Ultimate Goat.

Levi Cooperman Levi Cooperman
CIO, VP of Integrations
Levi is a professional engineer with a B.Eng from the University of Victoria. He is able to grow a beard faster than Superman can leap a building in a single bound. Before joining 2ndSite, Levi managed projects at Apex Systems Integrators Inc., where his clients included Canadian Tire, Nestlé, and Parmalat. Levi is a systems integration specialist and has led multi-platform integrations with technologies such as: Oracle, SAP, .NET, Windows CE and Pocket PC. A volleyball and b-ball player, we suspect he may have stuffed toy dinosaurs hidden in his condo, such is the level of his support for the Toronto Raptors. Levi appreciates good coffee and his girlfriend's baked goods.

Kathy Donoghue Kathy Donoghue
Conversion Consultant
Kathy graduated from City University London with an MSc in Information Systems & Technology. She comes to 2ndSite from PricewaterhouseCoopers and GE Capital where she led many successful web-based IT development and knowledge management projects. Kathy is also a yoga teacher, has great posture and insomnia.

Jeffrey Sarmiento Jeffrey Sarmiento
Web Designer/Developer
Jeff is a consummate perfectionist and ace designer. He was snapped up after finishing a Web Design and Internet Software Programming degree at Humber College. Jeff-fun includes developing Flash web sites, PHP solutions and snowboarding and he will not hesitate to take on any double black diamond he comes across. Jeff is also obsessed with washing his car (some say his left arm is twice the size of his right arm because of this).

Daniel Tsang Daniel Tsang
Software Development and Support
A recent graduate from University of Toronto's Computer Science programme, Daniel develops new functionality (back-end) for 2ndSite, and answers support requests. Daniel is our resident film critic, and knows when to fold 'em in Texas Hold 'Em

Do you think youre
Sherlock? The 2ndSite
brand has been
and the first person
to correctly guess the
culprit (who), the motive (why),
and the means (how), will win a really
cool prize.
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