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>> Episode 8 - ALTERNATIVE ENDING by Mike Petinarelis <<

The 2ndSite brand has been MURDERED!

Why We're Doing This
2ndSite is re-branding. So we decided to kill our old brand off in the format of a murder mystery story, released in 8 episodes, which you can read here at www.brandmurder.com. In conjunction with each episode, we will release a podcast that tells you how things are evolving and describes the business case for such an experiment. Sign up and follow along!

Who We Are
2ndSite is an online billing service that is incredibly easy to use for small businesses, freelancers, consultants and their clients. It saves time, helps businesses save money and get paid faster. First released in May 2004, the service now has 40,000 users. Find out more or try it for free (fully functional, nothing held back) at www.2ndSite.biz.

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Episode Three

In the last episode, the 2ndSite Brand died, clutched in his hand a copy of The Young Poisoner's Handbook which appeared to belong to Kathy. The police were called in. Michael fled the Boardroom, remembering some important thing he needed to do before the police arrive. Officers Barney and Murphy arrived to question the team.

Back in the Boardroom

Barney: So let's go through this again. He <pointing to the now obviously dead Brand> leaves in the middle of your Monthly Sales Meeting. You leave to....

Joe: Do my email.

Barney: Right. Your email. How long are you gone?

Joe: Maybe ten minutes? I could check by looking at my emails. You know, times sent and all that.

Barney: Right. That means not much of anything though does it? No one saw you?

Joe: No.

Barney: And you weren't on the phone? No phone records to verify that you were definitely not with the Brand when all this started.

Joe: My emails...

Barney: Servers the way they are, that means nothing. You could have pressed "send" but there might be a delay. You easily could have written a few emails to cover for yourself, then stepped away. Ok. Now you! <points at Kathy>

Kathy: I was here all the time.

Barney: Did you drink any of the coffee, Ms Young Poisoner's Handbook?

Kathy: No, I didn't. But nobody did. Not just me.

Barney: Interesting. Mind telling me why?

Kathy: We just didn't get around to drinking any.

Barney: But the Brand did, didn't he? Well, we'll be having a look at the coffee so you might want to start reconsidering your story. All this could be over pretty quickly if a lab test comes back positive for anything other than Juan Valdez's finest.

Kathy: It's just coffee. I swear it.

Barney: Well, you might want to be starting on your alibi all the same. In fact, you all better start thinking about where you've been, what you've been doing, for how long and when and why and with whom because no one leaves until we get to the bottom of this. I'm convinced the killer's here, the weapon or poison or whatever is close at hand. All we need is motive and judging by your faces, I'd say you are all a pretty guilty looking lot. So why don't you all take a seat, maybe we'll send out for coffee, and have us a nice little talk as soon as Murphy returns with the rest of you.

Earlier That Morning...

Jeff was in heaven. Deep in the darkest recesses of the software cabinet, Jeff reached in to find something he'd hidden only yesterday. There. Still there. Safe. Comforting to know that the most obvious place in the office was still the safest. Didn't anyone watch old movies? He cleared out the stash and wiped his hands clean.

Present Day And Time

Barney: So you've been here how long?

Jeff: A few years. Not really sure.

Levi: Three and a half. He's been here three and a half years.

Barney: Happy here?

Jeff: Sure. Nice place. Nice people. <visibly agitated> Listen, I didn't do it. I was here the whole time. I didn't leave the room. Joe, Mike and Daniel did. I could never kill anyone, much less the Brand. I loved him. It was me who spent countless hours on his look.

Barney: In all my years on homicide I've yet to meet someone who's said they could. So spare me by not answering questions I haven't asked.

Barney: And you <gesturing at Daniel>. These yours? <holding the cigarettes>

Daniel: They are. Go ahead and have one officer.

Barney: I wasn't asking to have one. I just want to make sure they're labeled correctly when we bag ‘em for evidence.

Daniel: Evidence? My cigarettes? They're just clove. I swear it. I've been trying to quit.

Barney: Relax. This is homicide not narcotics.

Daniel: <laughing nervously but obviously relieved> Of course. Well, uh, have one anyway Officer. They're very nice. Good aroma, no nicotine. Refreshing, I think, uh, you'd say. Yes, go ahead.

Barney: Calm down, laughing boy, and have a seat. And you, <gesturing to Levi> what's your story? You seem fairly composed. That's always a mistake when there's a murderer in the room.

Levi: My conscience is clear.

Barney: Really? How nice for you. Now am I mistaken in noting that none here seem to be mourning overmuch?

Jeff: I am. I loved the Brand.

Barney: Then maybe you'll want to be the first to empty your pockets.

Jeff: My what?

Barney: Your pockets. And while we're at it, let's go for the knapsack. The question was just a cunning ruse to see who's eager. Usually a murderer wants to say something. That's why they kill people. You seem up for the task. Let's see what cards you're holding. Oh, and in case you folks haven't figured it out, I'm the "bad cop" and Murphy's the so-called good cop, we're on a two-day rotation. Alright Jeff, let's see those pockets and the inside of that bag.

Jeff: Don't I get a lawyer or something first?

Barney: Is this America? In case you're feeling muddled, the answer's "no." Let's see what you got.


Do you think you know who murdered 2ndSite?
Submit your answer or read more on the prime suspects.

4 Comments Posted

Gina - Posted: Feb 28/2006
Well, my money is on Levi!
The bearding, leaping, and now he claims a clear conscience - just don't seem right!
CCJ - Posted: Feb 28/2006
I think that it is defnitely Mike. He seems pretty shifty if you ask me.
tylivia - Posted: Mar 5/2006
I think it was Kathy. Just a hunch!
Eric Salo Design - Posted: Mar 12/2006
What on earth is Jeff hiding!?!? Hmmmmm!

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The Suspects

Michael McDerment
Michael McDerment Michael has been partying involved with internet technologies since 1999. An entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant with two successful start-ups to his name, Michael is dedicated to helping his clients get more from the internet. Like many entrepreneurs, Michael talks faster than he writes and can deftly juggle and keep his eye on hundreds of balls at one time. But perhaps he is not juggling... perhaps he is plotting murder...?!

Joe Sawada
Joe Sawada In 2000 Joe received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, specializing in the development of efficient algorithms. (Just in case you think he’s a nerd, Joe is one of those guys you’d never think was this smart because he’s so cool. That's why we don't trust him).

Levi Cooperman
Levi Cooperman Levi is a professional engineer with a B.Eng from the University of Victoria. He is able to grow a beard faster than Superman and can leap a building in a single bound. Before joining 2ndSite, Levi managed projects at Apex Systems Integrators Inc., where his clients included Canadian Tire, Nestlé, and Parmalat. Did we mention he can grow a beard in seconds? All serial killers have beards...hmmm.

Kathy Donoghue
Kathy Donoghue Kathy graduated from City University London with an MSc in Information Systems & Technology. She comes to 2ndSite from PricewaterhouseCoopers and GE Capital where she led many successful web-based IT development and knowledge management projects. Kathy is from the east coast where everyone is nice...too nice...

Jeffrey Sarmiento
Jeffrey Sarmiento Jeff is a consummate perfectionist and ace designer. Jeff-fun includes developing Flash web sites, PHP solutions and snowboarding and he will not hesitate to take on any double black diamond he comes across. Jeff is also obsessed with washing his car (some say his left arm is twice the size of his right arm because of this). Obsessiveness is freaky...we trust him, but we don't trust him if you know what we mean...

Daniel Tsang
Daniel Tsang A recent graduate from University of Toronto's Computer Science programme, Daniel develops new functionality (back-end) for 2ndSite, and answers support requests. Daniel is our resident film critic, and knows when to fold 'em in Texas Hold 'Em. He seemed upset when the Brand died...maybe he's bluffing?

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