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>> Episode 8 - ALTERNATIVE ENDING by Mike Petinarelis <<

The 2ndSite brand has been MURDERED!

Why We're Doing This
2ndSite is re-branding. So we decided to kill our old brand off in the format of a murder mystery story, released in 8 episodes, which you can read here at www.brandmurder.com. In conjunction with each episode, we will release a podcast that tells you how things are evolving and describes the business case for such an experiment. Sign up and follow along!

Who We Are
2ndSite is an online billing service that is incredibly easy to use for small businesses, freelancers, consultants and their clients. It saves time, helps businesses save money and get paid faster. First released in May 2004, the service now has 40,000 users. Find out more or try it for free (fully functional, nothing held back) at www.2ndSite.biz.

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Episode Two

In the last episode, the Monthly Sales meeting went horribly wrong, leaving the 2ndSite Brand dead, frothing at the mouth, clutching a copy of The Young Poisoner's Handbook. The lines have been drawn: those who loved the Brand (Mike, Joe, Jeff), those who wanted him gone (Kathy, Levi, Daniel). A murderer lurks in the Boardroom at 2ndSite. The Brand has been poisoned but who did it? And why?

Present Time: The Boardroom

The Brand is lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. Not moving. His icy hand is gripping a copy of The Young Poisonerís Handbook.

Joe: Dead? Heís been murdered!

Jeff: Make sure heís dead.

Joe: Make sure heís dead? He was frothing at the mouth for Godís sake! He must have been poisoned.

Enter Daniel, running with a phone in his hand, clearly talking to Emergency Services

Daniel: Yes, thatís right. Someoneís killed our Brand. We think heís been poisoned but we canít tell for sure.

Levi: Say Kathy, isnít that the book you were reading?

Kathy: What book?

The room quiets down. Daniel lowers the phone a moment before continuing with 9-1-1.

Levi: That book. Poisoning for Dummies or something like that. Sure, this is yours. Youíve got your name written in marker on the bottom edges.

Kathy: <looking nervous> It must be some other Kathy. I have an English degree. I sincerely doubt Iíd read such a piece of trash.

Levi: How many Kathy Donoghueís can there be in this office of six? I mean, youíre not only the only Kathy Donoghue, youíre the only woman. This has got to be your book.

Mike: The Young Poisonerís Handbook?

Kathy: <very defensive> It was a Christmas present. I never even read it. I donít know where he found it.

Jeff: I do. <Heads turn> It was in the kitchen cupboard next to the coffee. I noticed it this morning. I remember thinking what an odd place it was for a book, much less that one.

Kathy: I didnít put it there. I don't even remember having it.

Jeff: <bending down to pry the book from the Brandís swiftly cooling hand> Didnít you just say you got it for Christmas? Be that as it may, I see thereís a bus transfer caught in the middle of it. Looks like your bus no less. And dated today.

Kathy: <gives a nervous laugh> Oh. That book. Of course. Now I rememberÖ

That Previous Night

Daniel was in the office late, as usual. He preferred the quiet time between 2 and 5 am. It allowed him the peace and privacy he needed to do what he considered his real work. In fact, he mused, he really had two jobs. The day job, which was murder, the night job, which was killing him. Either way, he lost.

Present Time: The Boardroom

Daniel: Theyíre on their way.

Already sirens could be heard as Daniel said this. Mike looked over his shoulder then darted off in the direction of his office shouting,

Mike: Jeff, get ready to buzz them in! Iíve just got to get something from my office!

Mike ran into his office, shutting the door quickly behind him, patting the bulge in his jacket pocket. His heart was pounding. It was now or never. Should he? Should he? The heck with it. He should. No better time than now. Just better be quick about it.

That Previous WeekendÖ

Someone was onto him; of that much Mike was sure. He could see his desk had been searched. He always kept the drawers tightly closed. It was a matter of pride to him. Cluttered mind, uncluttered office. He couldnít think in a messy office. He needed tidy edges and white space. No, someone had definitely been in here. Had they found his secret? And crumbs? Were those crumbs on his desk? Well thatís no use to him. Canít dust for fingerprints on crumbs.

Present Time: The Boardroom

Daniel thought a moment and hurried to his desk as well, remembering something still up on his computer from the night before (or more accurately the morning) that he really would rather not have anyone see.

Joe: <Calling after Daniel> Where the hell are you going?

Daniel: Be right back.

Joe: Kathy, follow him. Everyone else stay put! Someoneís responsible and nobody leaves this room until we find out who it is.

Kathy starts to leave the room but the door is blocked: two firemen and two police officers have entered the room.

Officer: I think thatís my decision but youíre right. Nobody but nobody leaves this office. Murphy, round everybody up. <Officer named Murphy, tall burly man entirely devoid of neck, with hands like hockey gloves, leaves the room>

Murphy: Right on it Barney.

Barney is the physical opposite to Murphy: small and wiry, facially not unlike a ferret.

Outside, in the office area

Murphy: <calling to Daniel> You there! Weíre all coming back to the boardroom!

Daniel stands up quickly and blocks the screen with his torso.

Daniel: Iíll be right there officer. Just a moment and Iím done.

Murphy: Youíre done now. What are you doing that can be more important than solving a murder? Maybe you want to explain that? No, save it til we get back. We probably should all hear this. <leans in to grab Danielís arm and get a good peak at the screen> Oh. So thatís how it is? Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. I think you might have a lot of explaining to do Mister.


Do you think you know who murdered 2ndSite?
Submit your answer or read more on the prime suspects.

7 Comments Posted

Moe Diggity - Posted: Feb 21/2006
Having read the 2nd Epsiode, I've ascertained that the cuplrit (Jeffy aka Moe Yo'Mama) and the means are still the same. However, I no longer think he killed the Brand just because he could... but rather, because Chuck Norris couldn't.
Jeanna - Posted: Feb 21/2006
... and the plot thickens *DUN DUN DUN!*
Colonel Mustard - Posted: Feb 22/2006
Poison? What ever happened to traditional modes of killing - candlesticks, lead pipes, etc.? Oh that's right, those methods require some sort of physical exertion, so none of the suspects could have deployed such a device. We shall see what the next episode reveals!
Myles Slocombe - Posted: Feb 22/2006
Bravo! A unique/engaging/great concept - have you spoken with Marketing Magazine - marketingmag.ca ?
Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt - Posted: Feb 23/2006
MarketingMagazine wouldn't know guerilla if it kicked them in the rss. ;) Believe me, I struggled with them for years...

Ping Wired. Or BoingBoing. ;)

Great job on this guys! When Mike told me about it, I was aprehensive, but you've created a fabulous mystery! ;)
Discount Printing Service - Posted: Feb 26/2006
I thought Kathy seemed like a pretty obvious culprit... but I'm probably wrong. Keep up the great story :)
- Eric Salo
Valerie - Posted: Apr 3/2006
I think it's Jeff also. But how -- I don't know. Why -- because he was the creator of the original brand and needs to have him gone to create a new one. He probably takes it personally that the current brand isn't up to par for the times.

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The Suspects

Michael McDerment
Michael McDerment Michael has been partying involved with internet technologies since 1999. An entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant with two successful start-ups to his name, Michael is dedicated to helping his clients get more from the internet. Like many entrepreneurs, Michael talks faster than he writes and can deftly juggle and keep his eye on hundreds of balls at one time. But perhaps he is not juggling... perhaps he is plotting murder...?!

Joe Sawada
Joe Sawada In 2000 Joe received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, specializing in the development of efficient algorithms. (Just in case you think heís a nerd, Joe is one of those guys youíd never think was this smart because heís so cool. That's why we don't trust him).

Levi Cooperman
Levi Cooperman Levi is a professional engineer with a B.Eng from the University of Victoria. He is able to grow a beard faster than Superman and can leap a building in a single bound. Before joining 2ndSite, Levi managed projects at Apex Systems Integrators Inc., where his clients included Canadian Tire, Nestlť, and Parmalat. Did we mention he can grow a beard in seconds? All serial killers have beards...hmmm.

Kathy Donoghue
Kathy Donoghue Kathy graduated from City University London with an MSc in Information Systems & Technology. She comes to 2ndSite from PricewaterhouseCoopers and GE Capital where she led many successful web-based IT development and knowledge management projects. Kathy is from the east coast where everyone is nice...too nice...

Jeffrey Sarmiento
Jeffrey Sarmiento Jeff is a consummate perfectionist and ace designer. Jeff-fun includes developing Flash web sites, PHP solutions and snowboarding and he will not hesitate to take on any double black diamond he comes across. Jeff is also obsessed with washing his car (some say his left arm is twice the size of his right arm because of this). Obsessiveness is freaky...we trust him, but we don't trust him if you know what we mean...

Daniel Tsang
Daniel Tsang A recent graduate from University of Toronto's Computer Science programme, Daniel develops new functionality (back-end) for 2ndSite, and answers support requests. Daniel is our resident film critic, and knows when to fold 'em in Texas Hold 'Em. He seemed upset when the Brand died...maybe he's bluffing?

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