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Episode Eight

By Mike - Apr 25/2006
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The 2ndSite Brand has been murdered. All the staff members are under suspicion and are being questioned in the boardroom – the scene of the crime – by the police. It seems that everyone either has motive, or is too squeaky clean NOT to have a motive. No one's talking, though, so the cops are preparing to take the suspects downtown to the station for more "thorough questioning".

Murphy: Man you guys have a lot of pigeons on this building. Noisy birds. Somebody been feeding them?

Kathy: I have. Sometimes. I know they're pests but it's not their fault.

Murphy: Well go throw them some crumbs and get rid of them. They're driving me nuts. Forget it <as Kathy starts to get up>. I'll do it. Barn, we got enough of these for evidence, right? <Gesturing to the cookies>

Barney: More than enough. Throw til your heart's content. Levi, anything you want to say about your girlfriend's cookies before I chuck ‘em to the winged rats?

Levi: Uh, they're gingersnaps?

Murphy: Cool. I might have one. Or maybe I should try one of Jeff's instead? Wait a minute. Which ones are the ones we found in Jeff's knapsack and which are Levi's?

Levi: Those are mine, on the plate.

Murphy: You sure? I thought these were yours.

Levi: Nope, those are Jeff's. Uh, yeah, and they look like...

Joe: ...gingersnaps. They look like gingersnaps. Levi, are you sure your girlfriend baked those? They sure look like Jeff's.

Levi: Of course she did. She always makes me gingersnaps. They're my favourites.

Joe: I think you may want to reevaluate your relationship, at least on a culinary level. Unless Jeff's stealing your cookies.

Barney: Murph! We may have a cookie discrepancy here. <Picks up one cookie from each pile> Alright, we're going to feed some pidgies.

The room suddenly grows quiet. Heads turning back and forth between Jeff and Levi. Barney opens the window and clucks at the pigeons to come over. He slowly and methodically crumbles a cookie into his hand and gets ready to toss the crumbs.

Jeff: WAIT! Stop! Wait. <Everyone turns to look at Jeff> Those are poisoned.

Levi: WHAT?!?

Jeff: I poisoned the cookies. <Turns to Levi> Your girlfriend, by the way, is lying to you. Those are McFeeney's Gingersnaps. You can get them anywhere. She's playing you for a fool. <Turns to the team> You're all fools. I love the Brand but he's outlived his usefulness.

<Turns to Mike and Joe> Yes, you started this company with the Brand, but that's no reason to keep the Brand once you've been presented with solid business reasons to get rid of him. He served his purpose. He's done. I can't stand watching this anymore! Look, I want to show you something. <He jumps up, clearly preparing to leave the room>

Barney: Stop right there son.

Jeff: I won't leave the building. I admit what I've done. I just want to show you why I did it. The Brand's not dead. He's... <Jeff runs out of the room, returning seconds later with a briefcase under his arm> He's been transformed. Look!! <He says, light shining out of the opening brief case>I made it. It's... it's...

Mike: <in awe> it's ...

Joe: <stunned> beautiful. It's beautiful.

Jeff: It's vibrant. It's new. It's what we're all about. It's the right word in the right place. Our new Brand. The Brand's not dead, he's changed form. And I made it. And it was worth it.

Kathy: You could have killed us.

Jeff: Well, sometimes you just gotta break a few eggs.

Same company, same service – New Brand

Read the winning alternative ending by Mike Petinarelis

2 Comments Posted

Moe MyGod - Posted: April 25th, 2006 11:15 AM
Well well well......that sure changes everything now....no more sitting beside Jeff, aka Moe Yo'Mama, in the hockey dressing room anymore....and he's DEFINITLY not sitting anywhere near me when food is around either!!!!!! HA HA HA.
Salo Printing - Posted: May 2nd, 2006 4:50 AM
So I was wrong! It wasn't Joe... or was it? Did he get Jeff to confess? :P

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