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Episode Six

By Mike - Mar 21/2006
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To recap: The team has been asked to turn out their pockets, bags, briefcases and knapsacks. It's been revealed that Daniel is a compulsive gambler, something which the Brand knew and held over him. Kathy admits to reading The Young Poisoner's Handbook. The questioning of the team's motive and alibis is now in progress. Joe continues to defend the Brand.

The Boardroom:

Murphy: I find it interesting, Joe. That you're so keen on defending the Brand. Methinks you doth protest too much.

Joe: What do you mean? I think the Brand made perfect sense.

Daniel: How can you think that? He clearly had a bad URL. NO ONE has a dot-biz. It's embarrassing. Makes us look fly-by-night.

Joe: Well, we managed to find some 46,000 clients despite that.

Kathy: Listen Joe, just how many more do you think we might have had, if the Brand's name had at least been spelled correctly? No one wants to type in a site with letters and numbers. It's irritating.

Joe: Kathy, I don't know how you can say that. Look at all he's done for us! <Joe starts turning red... clearly hot under the collar>.

Daniel: Well, he's done us a big favour now, hasn't he? Finally we can move on and get rid of the crystal ball afterlife calls.

<The tension is palpable as the volume of voices starts to rise.>

Joe: Take that back! You have no idea what you're talking about.

Levi: Joe, you're not talking sense. The name doesn't work. It doesn't say what we do. It's too obtuse! You and Mike had a great idea but your inside lingo doesn't cut it in the business world. Every time you say the company's name, you or Mike have to qualify it with "you know, a company's second site." It simply doesn't work!

Murphy: I dunno Joe, they're starting to convince even me.

Joe: Well they're not convincing me! In fact, they're just reminding me even more why the Brand was great. Dot-biz and numbers in the URL notwithstanding, we built a solid business and all we have to do to wreck it is start fixing what isn't broken.

Levi: You're only allowed one cliché here Joe. Make it count. It is broken, we have to fix it. Can you see we're getting calls for tarot card readings? That people can't remember our name?

Kathy: That they have to try a couple of spellings before they find our site?

Joe: Just think about what you're saying! The work involved in changing everything. We've got a good thing going. We have a loyal customer base, a fabulous product. We don't need to change the Brand!

Murphy: Everyone calm down. Joe, all of this is touching, but before you get all dewy-eyed I have to remind you that the reason we're all here is that someone murdered the Brand. And frankly you're just so darned squeaky clean and innocent that it's tripping all the alarms bells.


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Salo Printing - Posted: March 22nd, 2006 2:06 PM
Methinks Joe doth protest too much!
Eric Salo

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