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Episode Five

By Mike - Mar 14/2006
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The Boardroom:

Back in the boardroom, the 2ndSite team is sitting at the table. Two police officers, Barney and Murphy, are carrying out the interrogations. Jeff's turned-out knapsack is on the desk. Kathy is preparing to empty her purse onto the table. Cop photographers are in the room snapping pictures.

Barney: Joy. We're finally all here together. Thank you, Mike, for joining us this morning. Murph, I was just talking to the Cookie Monster here.

Mike: Cookie Monster? Jeff, since when did you eat junk food? <facing the officers> He never eats junk food. No one ever sees him eat.

Kathy: That's what we were just saying.

Barney: Hello? <snapping his fingers> Anyone? Everyone? Can we get started? Let me explain the drill. I ask the questions here. Officer Murphy bonds to get more out of you. Murderer gets caught out in some painfully obvious lie, and life resumes, except, of course, for the Brand.

Murphy: Barney, their colleague's been killed, show a little more compassion.

Barney: Rrrrriiiight. Now you've been quiet <pointing to Levi>. What's your story? You hated the Brand.

Levi: I didn't hate him. I just hated that his URL was all wrong and his name didn't really suggest what we do.

Daniel: Right. We get calls all the time for a psychic hotline.

Barney: Aren't you keen to talk, Daniel. Now if I recall, you didn't like him much either.

Daniel: Well, he could be difficult.

Barney: He had something over you, didn't he?

Murphy: Gambling. Daniel's a gambler. Aren't you, son?

Daniel: <hanging his head in shame> He knew I gambled. I admit it, I'm sick. I need help.

Barney: Save it for your intervention. So you gamble, you hate the Brand's.... what was that again?

Daniel: His dot-biz. I hated that his URL was http://www.secondsite.biz. We didn't know better at the time. Everyone was getting dot-biz's. Now it's just embarrassing. But I didn't do it.

Barney: Of course. <looks disgusted as Murphy gives Daniel a hug> And you, Blondie <Kathy offers her best smile>. What's your story? Seems you have a bit of memory-block.

Kathy: <Smile crumbles> Ok. I admit that I was embarrassed to be reading the book. But I didn't poison the Brand. I confess, sometimes I just like to wallow a bit, literarily-speaking. And I definitely didn't put the book in near the coffee, as Levi seems to want to suggest.

Levi: Well it was near the coffee. I went in to pick up the cookies I brought yesterday and I saw it there. And someone had already been nibbling at the cookies because there were crumbs everywhere. I guess we know it's not Jeff.

Barney: And you, Joe. You're a good guy right. Love the Brand. All is well in the cosmos.

Joe: Pretty much. We started this...

Barney: Save it. You and Mike started out with this Brand. It's worked for you. Blah blah blah. Right?

Joe: Right. Why panic our clients by looking unstable? It just doesn't make good business sense.

Barney: No, of course not. But it does make good criminal sense for you to stick by the Brand and bump him off in private.

Murphy: <laughing> Good one, Barn. Even I can't fight that one.


2 Comments Posted

Salo Printing | eBay Specials - Posted: March 16th, 2006 9:02 AM
I'm begging to think that Michael or Joe did it... cos they are the founders of this fantastic online invoicing system and thus they would be the most likely to be responsible for wanting to re-brand. Right?
Valerie - Posted: April 3rd, 2006 10:25 AM
But Jeff's integrity is challenged whenever the Brand is challenged. I still think it's Jeff. I just can't figure out how.

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