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Episode Four

By Mike - Mar 7/2006
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Previously, Officer Barney began interviewing the team and punching holes in their alibis, while Officer Murphy sought out Mike who'd left the Boardroom rather hastily and still had not returned. Barney noted that no one drank Kathy's coffee, ate Levi's cookies or smoked Daniel's cigarettes except for the 2ndSite Brand. He further observed that Joe had been the first to leave the Boardroom after the Brand left, ostensibly to check his email.

Mike's Office

Murphy: You there. You're Mike right.

Murphy had swung the door open without bothering to knock. Mike was caught mid-gulp. He choked and coughed Red Bull out his nose.

Mike: Oh, Of-f-ficer. Hello. I was just coming to join you.

Murphy: Looks like you got a bit of a secret stash there, Mike. <gestures at the Red Bull tower Mike had built on his desk>. Well done. Very post-modern. I take it nobody else knows?

Mike: Nobody. And officer...

Murphy: I know I know, you'd really appreciate my not saying anything to the team.

Mike: Right. That would be great. Listen Officer, I'm fully willing to help in any way I can. I think we don't need to share this with anyone here. It serves no purpose.

Murphy: Sure, I can understand that. You're just a little stressed and need a pick-me-up.

Mike: Right. Exactly. It's been a terrible morning.

Murphy: Of course it has. So all this is irrelevant unless you just happen to be guilty and want to enhance the adrenaline rush one gets after committing a murder.

Mike: Me? Murder the Brand? I loved him. Joe and I built him up from nothing. Jeff spent hours designing his look. He was everything to us. To me. Everything to me.

Murphy: Sure he was. And you know, in the boardroom everyone else is going to be singing the same song about how much they loved the Brand. <pauses, hearing Mike mutter something but not sure what>. Sorry, I didn't catch that.

Mike: I said not everyone loved the Brand. That's how this mess started. We were fighting about the Brand. Some of the team wanted to change him. He got upset and left. The rest you know.

Murphy: I see. Very interesting. Everyone hated him but you, of course, and ...?

Mike: Joe. And Jeff. The rest were out to change him. To... to...

Murphy: To destroy him? Maybe?

Mike: That's right. To destroy him. To kill him, at least figuratively. Kathy hated the way we spelled his name. Daniel complained about all the calls for the Second Sight Psychic Hotline.

Murphy: Of course. Well done. No motive. You're an angel and you just happen to know at least three people to take the fall for you. Pardon my sneer but case you haven't figured it out, I'm the bad cop for today. Barney and I take turns. <pauses> Now wait a minute. Is it the 6th today?

Mike: No, I think it's the seventh.

Murphy: My bad. I'm the good cop today. Alright, so you three loved the Brand, the other three hated him. That's a tidy mess. Tell you what. Finish your Red Bull and we'll clean this place up and join the others in the boardroom and see if we can't get through this. <pats him on the back in a male-bonding kind of way>

Mike: Thank you officer. Thank you.


2 Comments Posted

Price Beat Guarantee Printing - Posted: March 12th, 2006 6:26 AM
Hmmm... a relatively short episode. Joe is still looking very suspicious I think... will have to wait and see...
Eric Salo
Donna Wenberg - Posted: March 29th, 2006 9:38 AM
There is a discrepancy between this episode and number 2. In number 2:

"...Levi: My girlfriend made cookies. Anybody want one?

Levi passes the cookies around the table, pleased that the team all took him up on the offer, except, of course, Jeff. Jeff never took anyone's offerings. ..."

This episode;

"Barney noted that no one drank Kathy's coffee, ate Levi's cookies or smoked Daniel's cigarettes except for the 2ndSite Brand. ..."


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