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Podcast Episode Two - The Coming of the New Brand

By Mike - Feb 23/2006
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In the second Brand Murder Mystery podcast we talk about the process behind coming up with a new brand name.

Click here to download the second podcast (episode 2).

For example, some of the concepts we wrestled with include: should the new name communicate the category (online billing), our difference (fast, easy to use), or a benefit (get paid faster)? Should it be a name that doesn’t really signify anything, that we can give our own meaning to (think HaagenDas, Oreo, Pringles)? (I’m hungry.) How many syllables should the new name have?

All this, the latest stats, and more, including a great fun fact. Happy listening!

If you missed the first podcast, you can download it here (episode 1).



Podcast Episode One - Why are you Murdering Your Brand?

By Mike - Feb 17/2006
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Here is our first in a series of podcasts that will accompany the brand murder mystery.

Click here to download the podcast (episode 1).

These podcasts will be interesting because this whole thing is literally evolving right before our eyes. For example, we decided to do this on Feb 2 and released it on Feb 14. No doubt we will have useful ideas that bubble up between now and the completion. For example Daniel just said, "We should make the podcast more exciting by telling people we want to get 1000 email signups and 1000 RSS feed signups before we're done". Great idea Daniel, let's do it! So, we want to get 1000 email signups and 1000 RSS feed signups before we're done. We are currently at 36 feeds and 60 email sign ups. If you can, please help.

You can Digg Brand Murder here.

You can bookmark Brand Murder in del.icio.us here.

I think these podcasts will be interesting because they will constitute a live record of a very organic campaign. The campaign is founded in sound business principles which we will share in the podcasts. Things like, "why are you doing this?" Answer: "re-branding is costly on a number of levels. We're trying to mitigate those costs". The podcasts will also include:

- an account of our progress (we spoke to a reporter Wednesday)
- the legal issues surrounding online contests
- the tools we use to create and track the campaign so you can try it - or at least understand it

... and of course, much much more.

We will keep them brief and I think there will be some useful hype such as, a strategic approach to selecting a new name and how we did it.

Quick Contest leaders Update

http://www.coudal.com is in the lead for the most referral traffic, but we were just Digged.

We hope you Stay Tuned for more!


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